The Importance Of Risk Assessments Within The Workplace

The Importance Of Risk Assessments Within The Workplace


Workplaces in all sectors face various risks, which must be assessed and understood in order to be managed effectively. At Workplace Risk Management we help businesses carry out comprehensive risk assessments in all areas of work, helping to identify hazards and mitigate risk in a cost-effective way.

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Risk & Hazard

A risk assessment identifies hazards that may lead to harm to employees, visitors and service users.

  • hazard is any source of danger with the potential to cause harm. A wet floor is a hazard because it can lead to injury through slippages and falls, welding equipment is a hazard because it can cause harm through fume poisoning, burns, glare etc. Hazards can be categorised as physical, psychological, biological, chemical, or Health & Safety.
  • Harm is the adverse effect of exposure to a hazard. This includes short term physical injury or illness, long-term effects on health, and psychological effects such as stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Risk is the chance of a hazard leading to harm, and the impact (in terms of cost, injury, business implications) if harm were to occur. Risk is influenced by factors such as how frequently a person is exposed to a hazard, how the exposure takes place, and the severity of the effects.

Risk can never be eliminated but it can be managed by identifying hazards and taking steps towards harm reduction.

What We Do

Our risk assessment service helps you accurately assess and prioritise workplace hazards:

  • Identify what hazards your employees face at work.
  • Analyse how people are exposed, e.g. lifting heavy boxes.
  • Evaluate the harmful effects associated with each hazard.
  • Determine the risk factor for each hazard – i.e. the chance that exposure will lead to harm and the severity of the resulting injury or health effects.
  • Establish actions to eliminate avoidable hazards and control risk for unavoidable hazards.

Regular risk assessments deliver a safer, more productive workplace and reduce the costs associated with risk.

Risk assessments are a legal obligation in certain industries and for some hazards. If in doubt, please get in touch.

Sectors We Work With

We provide tailored risk assessment services for a range of industries, including:

We offer a comprehensive range of risk management services, with expert support and modern analytical tools to provide clear and reliable insight. For more information please call 0845 260 4242, or email [email protected].

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