WRMOnline is a built-for-purpose, web hosted, Health and Safety Management System, available on any device, at any time, providing 24/7 access to health and safety compliance data to give you peace of mind.

WRMOnline gives you:

  • 24/7 online access to real-time health and safety compliance data
  • Accurate audit trails to defend criminal or civil actions
  • The ability to view individual and or multi-site site compliance data as well as management data across regions and individuals
  • An interactive calendar where management actions can be monitored through to closure
  • The ability to automatically assign management actions to sites and individuals
  • A system to hold all compliance documentation including third party information H&S related or not
  • Bespoke management reports available 24/7 to analyse data and ensure continuous improvement

We Cover:

Web based Health & Safety Portal, providing unlimited users with the following facilities:


Automatic generation of bespoke checklists for any activity and set to any frequency


Record and manage all Health & Safety (or other) related training. Employee signatures are held in the system to evidence that training has taken place.

Statutory Inspections

Record and report on all statutory inspections, to ensure full legal compliance


Record, report and store associated documentation for all accidents and near misses.

Sub-Contractor Management

Manage the approval of all subcontractors and store related contractor documentation all in one place


Documentation storage and retrieval


Management and reporting of all Health & Safety related actions, providing a full audit trail.


Extract all your Health & Safety information using a suite of standard reports, or spec your own reports


‘At a glance’ statistics, giving you an overview of your compliance, by site, region of group

Multi-level management

The ability to provide staff with access to only the information they need

Workplace Safety Graphic