How To Avoid Risks & Difficulties Faced By People With Different Disabilities In The Workplace

How To Avoid Risks & Difficulties Faced By People With Different Disabilities In The Workplace


Disabled employees and customers may require special access arrangements to use your premises, and may face additional hazards when doing so. A disability access assessment evaluates potential difficulties for disabled individuals and suggests ways in which access and safety can be improved.

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The Equality Act (2010) obliges businesses and service providers to take positive steps to improve access for disabled users. This includes identifying areas and situations that may cause problems, and recognising the level of risk faced by individuals (some people are considered at higher risk than others, especially in terms of fire safety).

As disability is a wide area – encompassing deafness and partial-sightedness to mobility issues and sensitivity to light – an individual approach is required that takes into account the specific needs of your users. Our tailored disability access assessments cover:

  • Building access
  • Car parking and approach ways
  • Horizontal and vertical movement around the building – e.g. handrails, lifts, walkways wide enough for wheelchairs etc.
  • Toilet access
  • Fire escape route accessibility – including visibility for blind and partially-sighted users
  • Suitability of desks and IT systems for disabled employees.

Sectors We Work With

We work with clients to improve disability access in a range of sectors, including:

  • Offices/corporate
  • High street retail and car parking
  • Public services (including outdoor areas, hospitals and libraries)
  • Schools and colleges

Why Choose Us?

Our broad risk management knowledge gives us unique insight into the risks and difficulties faced by people with different disabilities. A disabled access assessment highlights cost-effective ways to improve accessibility and building management – increasing health and safety across your organisation. For more information please call 0845 260 4242, or send an email to

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